Thursday, June 28, 2007

Choice Made

It's been two weeks since my last entry. Quite a long time, I'd say, during which I went to Sabah and received news of my local university placing.

The Sabah trip completes my 'four corners' trek of Malaysia. In April I went to Singapore (OK, it's not Malaysia, but it's south enough to be considered South), then Mersing (East Coast) and Penang (North) in May, and finally Sabah (East Malaysia) in June.

I took many photos along the way, and I'm especially proud of some of them. I don't know when I'll be able to put them up here, though.

Last Saturday I shot Tee Ming's farewell party, and today I tried my hand at child photography as the 'official photographer' of my sister's 10th Birthday. So for the first time in my life I crawled all over Megakidz in Midvalley. Li-Shia, Kevin and Amanda crawled with me.

Tee Ming said the farewell photos were quite cacat compared to the Mersing ones. Of course, one reason could be that I immediately copied over all the pictures to her computer on the night itself, and so had no time to delete the failed ones. The Mersing pictures, however, have been carefully combed through so that only the good ones were kept.

And I've come to realise that some people are very good journalistic photographers. They can capture 'moments' very well. I suppose I'm not there yet; for that matter, I may never quite be. At least for now, photography for me is like painting. There must be time to compose; you could say I'm not a jazz photographer.

That is not to say I cannot capture moments. Some of the best Mersing shots were spur-of-the-moment shots, but they were all born of a place conducive emotionally and spiritually for photography--a place of inspiration where the heart of the photographer is on that rare wavelength along which any photo shot is a good photo.

I really must credit the Mersing success to the d'NAers, an amazing group of people who first inspired me to take photos, and to this day remain my favourite and best subjects. I guess the whole thing is reciprocal.

On the brighter side, I can say that within the past year (I acquired the SLR sometime in early July last year), I have shot pictures in virtually every category there is. I shall shortly put up the best pictures from each category on this site.

* * * * *

I guess I've made my choice.

As soon as I publish this post, I'll accept the offer online.


mich said...

:) velcome to ze world of uni life!

~BeCkY~ said...

All the best in everything you do!

Seems like you are going to start a new chapter of your life!!

Shine there!

this girl said...

i don't know about the rest, but in return, it was you who first inspired me to take photo-taking more seriously, both being in front of and behind the camera.

°« ģ ε l ï и ε »° said...

hey hey! will catch up with u in church yeah. Since u're going to UM, i guess we cld hv lunch together some time when i start BCM nxt year! hehe. Take care n God bless!

Angeline :)
*got ur blog url frm alex liew

Jessica said...

congrats...i'm sure you made the best choice for yourself. here's wishing you well in your next chapter of life.