Saturday, September 08, 2007

Only in the Dark

I won an EP CD (via lucky draw; there were enough 'prizes' such that everyone was 'lucky' that day :-P) at the Phases Online launch last year.

It was called Through the Rain and was produced to raise funds for victims of the Asian Tsunami of December 2004.

There are four songs on the CD, among them Juwito Suwito's 'Only in the Dark'. Little did I know then that it would be a great source of comfort and inspiration in the weeks to come.

It was truly a godsend that saw me through one of the most challenging times of my life.

* * * * *

The raindrops fall incessantly
Each time I think the sky's letting up
There seems to be another cloud
Bringing the dark
Coming right at me

So often I can't see the road ahead
The blinding headlights loom
Then go out again
But suddenly I find that I
Don't need to strive
'Cause I realize I am rising, I'm flying and...

Only in the dark when I can't seem to see
I learn to hear Your whisper
That's been guiding me
Reach out for the Hand
That bears the light
So my step is right
Only in the dark

Now each day's a step that's lighted up
And the questions asked
Won't make me stop
'Cause I know no matter how I feel
That this is real
And I'm slowly getting to a place where it's not...


So let the shadows come
And let me run into Your arms where
I can feel the warmth of Your touch
Leading me on, loving me on
Turning me on
Though now it seems to be that


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sunnyside up egg said...

I love that song too! Aaron Kong got me started with that song in Lower 6 and I was so desperate to get that song from him that when he left after STPM, I thought I'd lost the song forever...

Until you received it.

Oh well.

Oh well oh well oh well.

I love that song.