Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Entangled Shoots

A man, with an unknown past.

A young lady, with a dream for greatness.

A family, with untold hurts.

A wrong, that can never be made right.

When your past threatens to bind you from your future,
Forgiveness is the only way.

A story of love, of dreams, of fear, of forgiveness.

Untold inside the hearts of many people.

Entangled - the Musical

26th March 2008
7.30 p.m.

Kompleks Perdana Siswa (KPS) Auditorium
University of Malaya
(Free Admission)

* * * * *

Just this Sunday we did the shoot for the main cast, writers and musicians.
It was followed on Monday by the ensemble shoot.

I did it with Tim...

... and Yen. It was probably her first time handling an SLR camera for an extended period.

(I think I'm beginning to understand why Anton Corbijn developed--no pun intended--an overexposed black-and-white technique for his subjects, e.g. U2 in the early '80s and in the album booklet of All That You Can't Leave Behind. )

Siew Yong is Anita.

Denis is Bernardo and Shoba is Desiree.

Ai Wei is Cassandra.

Titus is Edmond.

Presenting an original musical by Lee Suit Lin and Jonathan Chu.

The ensemble in formation at the end of the song 'Sweet Melody'.

The ensemble again.


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