Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hurrah for the Red, Amber and Green!

What started out as a lunch appointment with SooT and Yen (SooT before his return to Alor Star and Yen after her trips to Sarawak, Sabah, Johor and Port Dickson) became quite a romp through town.

As SooT commented a day or two before, it was turning into another Ben-shops-and-we-follow experience, as I had to pick up some supplies for STOMP. Since there were no other suggestions for location, we made it old KL after SooT's idea of hunting street art and my own needs.

The day in brief (I will present it in point-form to facilitate your reading):

- Showed SooT the way from Central Market to Jalan Doraisamy (off Jalan Sultan Ismail) by foot while waiting for Yen; we learnt that Lonely Planet is really worth its weight in gold
- Passed by a gay club or two (closed in the afternoon)
- Returned to Central Market by monorail to Maharajalela (SooT says I underestimate distance and time; no wonder I never liked physics)
- Had lunch at a Nasi Kandar mamak-style restaurant in Central Market (because Mus hadn't arrived at Bau Bau Café and his brother doesn't cook)
- Found out from Alin that Campbell Complex sells camping gear
- Got caught in the rain at Masjid Jamek and so took the train to Bandaraya
- Walked through Sogo to get to Campbell; realised we were there earlier en route to Jalan Doraisamy
- Picked up gear, maximising space in my D50 bag
- Had tea at the Coliseum Café
- Returned to Masjid Jamek so Yen could get a Touch 'n' Go card (a more complicated process than we thought)
- Bumped into Vince Lui and Uevan
- Took the train to Pudu, where we got 'stalked' for a while
- Picked up two rolls of Ilford's Delta 400 and looked at Keat Camera's used lens collection
- Talked about Pudu Jail and finally ended up in Times Square where we bought nail polish, had dinner at Gasoline and watched Kung Fu Panda.

* * * * *

By Yen's request, I present to you the pictures from our trip around KL yesterday.

Yen surprised us with her pink Roxy cap.

SooT prepares to attack the Coliseum's famous bread and butter.

Yen and the pancakes with lemon. SooT wanted to try it because he'd tasted Mum's and wanted to compare them with the Coliseum's. Yen followed suit.

I had ice cream on a fruit salad!

We stopped by Elianto at Times Square. I think, besides Li-Shia, these are the only people with whom I'd ever visit a nail polish shop. Yen picked up neon purple and transparent (to be used as a topcoat) while SooT and I pooled resources for transparent glitter. (We were the only male patrons there.)

Since SooT led us to lunch and I to tea, Yen brought us to this prehistoric-like place called Gasoline. It serves food reminiscent of Kim Gary and Wong Kok but in a Japanese-like setting, and the staff are extremely enthusiastic. Food is Halal.

A picture that speaks for itself, as Denise would agree.

* * * *

Remember this? (Can't recall who took the picture; might've been Mich, Tien or Zheng.)

We did not coordinate colours yesterday, yet lo and behold we appeared once again in traffic light configuration. SooT was wearing his new Food Not Bombs T-shirt, while I put on my 3rd College Pesta Tiong Hua III tee. Yen's amber is one of her favourites.

(The title of this post was inspired by the name of a painting by the American artist Samuel L. Francis.)


silentsoliloquy said...

Hurrah! :D

Siedne said...

yes i do agree...was that a distant cousin you were posing next to? :p

Anonymous said...

Hoorah.great post!Yen so long time didn't see or hear from each other.LOL.

Anonymous said...


i think i know SooT.

Think he was from my church in Alor Setar. The Methodist church.

And if it's him, then it's really such a small world indeed.

林庄生 Johnson Lim said...

Weh, weh... Ben!

Long time no see, long time no hear, long time no touch... (Oops, wrong wordings, don't mind that line ok?) already... Wondering how you've been doing lately. I'm doing fine. Just dropped in to leave some jottings on your blog lah...

Help me tell these to Yen and Soot, ok?

Yen: Walau, you get prettier and prettier leh... Hoped to see you sometime soon... Where is your blog arr?

Soot: Hey, brother. Long time no see already (We only met for twice, right?). You looked fierce with that bread and butter man... Hoped to see you some time soon...

Cheers and God Bless,
Johnson the Kacau-er (Pengacau)
Vist my site @ multiply @

林庄生 Johnson Lim said...

Another thing... You actually made Micheal poss arr? Never see him in pose before leh... Need to do it more often...

curryegg said...

Hello Ben..
How are you lately? I guess you must be having a fun, interesting holiday.. ;)

And I want the ICE-CREAM!!!!


david santos said...

I loved this post. Good persons. Good food and nice colours.
Have a nice week.