Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts after Amazing Grace

We watched Amazing Grace during PKV Meeting last Friday. These are some of the lines that stirred me most.

"I don't just dust your books, sir."
William Wilberforce's manservant, when Wilberforce was surprised he quoted Francis Bacon.

"We're too young to realise some things are impossible."
William Pitt to Wilberforce, looking futurewards.

"For God's sake, see it through!"
John Newton to Wilberforce, who was veering between life as a minister and an abolitionist.

"I was blind, but now I see. And now it is true!"
Newton, almost blind, reflecting on the experience of dictating his life story. It was only much later in life that he became a Christian in the full sense of the word.

My favourite conversation in the movie takes place at the brink of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars, at a time when any Englishman seeming to go against the Crown and popular English opinion would be easily considered guilty of sedition.

Wilberforce was frustrated that Pitt, his good friend, seemed somewhat conservative in his opinions and advice.

"As your Prime Minister I urge caution."
"And as my friend?"
"Oh, to hell with caution."


Christine said...

I watched Amazing Grace about a month ago and I really enjoyed it!

My sister and I had done a chalk art presentation about the story behind the hymn a few weeks prior to watching it, but the movie really helped us see the whole picture. Now everytime we sing the hymn, we sing it with understanding and the meaning of the song has become very significant to us. :)

I love how William Wilberforce was an example of a politician who had a higher calling, and how he used his intellect and position of influence in the secular world for a very godly cause.

Very good movie, imho... :)

mS. C said...

I watched Amazing Grace a few months ago and I enjoyed it too. I cried and thought of the values of the movie :)

I jotted down all the imporant events and poeple in the movie and google to read abt them. I admirer the strength and courage of Wilberforce. I adore that part about how he and his wife first know each other. They took a nice walk in the garden. That was beautiful.