Monday, March 09, 2009

PTH IV approaches...

Pesta Tiong Hua IV.

A celebration of Chinese culture through a variety of stage performances, including drama, yo-yo acrobatics, wushu and lots of music!

7.30 p.m., 10 March 2009.

3rd Residential College, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

* * * * *

Looking back...

This is how we did the photo shoot for the committee last year. I brought car reflectors for the Entangled shoot, and they came in handy to block the sun at the PTH group shoot. Then, for the committee portraits, we experimented with sidelighting courtesy of the reflectors.

And the result was this.

This year, I decided to mix the sun's backlighting with muted flash. I think it went very well with the overall mood of spontaneity in the Laman Pidato's wakaf that morning.

(I had about three hours of sleep after Entangled, before I was jolted out of bed for PTH. This year, I didn't have much sleep the night before the PTH shoot either; the Student Council meeting lasted till about 2.00 a.m.)

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