Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love and lessons learnt

Love is patient...

--1 Corinthians 13:4

I wonder if it was listed first because it is the quality most frequently (and incessantly) demanded of love.

Perhaps it also suggests that love does not wait in vain; the act of waiting implies that something will come out of the waiting.

* * * * *

Some lessons are learnt the hard way. Here are some from the recent Penang trip:

1. Always help your friends in need. If your friend happens to be a fellow photographer, it could be the difference between actually getting shots at an event, and not.

2. If something was amiss with the first roll of film, don't wait until the third to find out.

3. Water droplets on the surface of a lens protector can irreversibly mar a great shot.

4. Always wear socks when hiking.

5. A 100-ringgit investment in a waterproof camera casing is NOT a waste.

6. Unless it is the main purpose of the trip (like setting out in search of the Malayan Tiger), never spend money on someone/something you do not fully trust, for a shot you are uncertain of getting.

7. Always, people above photography.

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