Saturday, October 31, 2009


When black and white shall turn to grey
I wait to fall into the sea another day.

Awake from tearful afternoon naps,
Black eyed blues wondering if this was what you set out to do;
Waiting for the hours to pass,
The evening light throws long shadows against the glass
Of windows painted white and black.

Tea was lovely.
How many pots out of a bag of scented tea?
By three you're drinking water
With a scent of tea.

Seashells and bells, ringing with the echo of the sea:
A belle is a beauty
In shades of green, and white on grey,
With banana butterscotch danishes and scones on a tray,
In memories of the future and visions of the past,
Belle is a beauty.

It will not be done both ways; medium-well is never rare,
So let me go now if you dare to see dreams
Come true before the time is too well done
And the sun has set on the horizon.

Burning bridges with tea lights
With a toast of a glass of fire;
Walking on shards of glass, this is my pyre.
Fare thee well.

In seaweeds lined with barnacles,
In hatred and in love (for what I do not know)
They beckon me to go as far as the distant suns;
As high as the stars, as wide as the ocean.

I wait to drown,
My day is done.

* * *

Visited two new places yesterday, had fun with reflections at both.

Two photographs: four angles on The Bread Shop in Bukit Damansara.

Cristang at Avenue 8 in its own mirror.

* * *

Walk on by, walk on through
Walk till you run and don't look back

I've fallen in love with U2's song 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

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AekS said...

Another nice poem, Ben..
However, I am not really sure where its heading... :-{)

Keep it going bruddah!