Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After my first paper (Ecology of Seaweeds and Seagrasses) on 5 November, I headed to the PWTC to check out the seafood fair and, if I remember correctly, biotechnology conference (upon Prof Phang's recommendation).

Later, I found myself in Petaling Street, seeking crickets for my then 'pet' centipede. I learnt then that Ashaari was nearby, and since we were to meet that evening, it was decided that I should head over to Mercy Malaysia's headquarters in Bangunan Dayabumi.

This is a bit of what I saw along the way.

View across the Klang River.

Dayabumi: take one.

Dayabumi: take two.

Dayabumi: take three.

Dayabumi: take four.

Part of the KL skyline.



michelle said...

yes la yes...the photo of the kl skyline convinces me that there is still beauty to be found downtown..or rather 'character' as you put it :P

Kaun said...

oh poor tower. The other buildings don't want to play.

Belle said...

i have pictures of the 'drawings' along klang river too.. forgot what's the term for them... =.=
just not wide angle la, that is.. hehe..