Friday, September 16, 2011

Lanterns at 3rd

It was after the PKV Junior Visitation on Monday (Mooncake Festival) that I bumped into this group on the way out of college.

This obviously wasn't the official 3rd Lantern Walk. I guessed it was the PM group, having some fun after Haluansiswa last week.

I asked Gabriel, "Ah, all of you PM this year is it?"
He said, "Yeah, second time."
"Hah?! Second time? Oh, you're in third year already!"

I still find it hard to believe that people like Emily are in third year, and people like Firdy, Adila, Hwei and the law gang in fourth/final.

It was so nice to see Uncle and Aunty Foong again. A welcome, familiar sight in a rapidly transforming campus.

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