Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Beginnings

Looking through my 'draft' posts, I discovered this entry/poem which was meant to go up in early 2011—over an entire year ago.

It was something I wrote at the BLC 'New Beginnings' retreat at Peacehaven, Genting Highlands, from 7-9 January 2011; Sivin's 'farewell' retreat.

* * *

New Beginnings

You cannot write when it is too bright; there is a glare.
Window light, muted through matted glass is best;
It will pass for the part that matters—
Pen or pencil, and paper—
While the rest sits within the darkness, recessed.

Blow wind, blow away the masked charades of yesterday—
The hiding and not wanting to be seen, and all the lying in between.
How can you lead when you can barely follow;
How can you eat when you can barely swallow
A drop of the cup that is fire and briars?

Noel said to Tim,
Come up, you'll feel like the king of the universe
And also scared.
I wonder if the kings of this world were similarly
Unprepared to live on the mountains
They had dared to conquer,
To tread between the gaining and the losing,
And the hiding in the upper rooms.

Between the coffee and the spoons of sugar, a piece
Of bad news, yet for now, life resumes.

[Written on Saturday, 8 Jan; during the morning reflection. "And the hiding in the upper rooms" added later.]

* * *

The young men of BLC.

Mich and Joan, one.

Mich and Joan, two.

Mich and Joan, three.

Girl, Sivin and Mich.

It would seem the three of them are really living quite the life now. Sivin and family are doing great in Norway, Joan's having quite the experience of a lifetime near Sivin and SooT, and Mich—well, let's just say Mich is in the midst of something very life-changing. ;-)

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