Thursday, March 22, 2012

d'NA Reunion 2011 at Shern Ren's

A very long overdue post.

So it was the weekend of Yen's birthday, and we had a reunion—the first home reunion since 2006, I think—in Shern Ren's house.

The playground with the dinosaur.

Our 'facilitator', Shern Ren.

We devised a rather fiendish treasure hunt of sorts for Yen.

It ended with her having to make a phone call.

And the mother of all surprises...

The man himself!

Clockwise from me: Teeming, SooT, Chien Aun, Joan, Mich, Tien, Alissa, Yen, Titus, Jon and Shern Ren.

My, we're really growing older together!

You could say it was a rather pillow-y affair. And some of us gravitated towards the pillows more than others:

This being a bunch of nerds, there were books too!

Tien, Ming and Alissa...

... with books!

Next morning, we went to Bangsar Lutheran, in the spirit of old times.

And true to d'NA custom, we brought drinks into the service!

Capping off the weekend with lunch at Nirwana in Bangsar.


michelle said...

good times! but should be 2011 reunion right? not 2012

SimianD said...

My goodness.. you're right! Aih, it's all gone haywire. Thanks!

michelle said...

:P for a moment I thought you might have been predicting the future...