Monday, May 07, 2012


On my way back from the stationery shop this afternoon, I came across a swimming promotion in the Leisure Mall foyer, outside Kenny Rogers. There was Arena swimwear on sale, and a booth set up by this UCSI-based group called Swim The World (website here).

Seeing all of that really made me feel like swimming! I haven't gotten anything in the way of swimming this year, so far. All my trips have been to cities and mountainous/forested areas. I so need a beach holiday. Adila claims I have goat DNA; sometimes I wonder if I have a bit of fish DNA, too.

Later in the evening, on my way back from Pudu, there were these two guys in the LRT, chatting animatedly in Cantonese about The Avengers. One of them was wearing a red T-shirt, but the other was far cooler: a cap with the Batman logo, and a T-shirt with the Jaws poster image and words along the lines of "Say no to shark's fin".

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siedne said...

Goat DNA! A new twist to uncovering the mysteries of your dino heritage, Ben ;)