Sunday, June 17, 2012

Klang Gates Ridge, 12 May 2012

On Saturday, 12 May, I found myself once again on the Klang Gates Ridge. Second time with George, and first with Firdy, Adila and Emily—I think we were trying to relive the Gunung Merapi high (no pun intended).

We got off to a late-ish start, after some drinks at PJ Hills, and it was well past 7.30 by the time we started the ascent. It was cloudy, and given our late start I did not expect much. But the light on the top was quite another (happy) story.

(Note: Some formatting problem seems to have beset the pictures below. Click on the pictures to view them in proper resolution—Blogger seems to have mispixellated them here.)

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It was unusually misty, even at 8 o'clock.

Peak on the southeastern side shrouded in mist. View through foliage, 8.12 a.m.


By 8.30 the sun is usually too high for subtle lighting, but on that day the clouds and mist were so thick that the light shining through took on such a mystical, magical quality.

Taken out of context, this could well be a view over some lush jungle in Pahang or Sabah. (8.37 a.m.)


Klang Gates dam, 8.43 a.m.

Ampang, on the western side of the ridge.


A sole, left behind on the trail. 9.08 a.m.—nice shadows!


Adila, Emily and Firdy.

Great to start kids out young!

Firdy on one of the ridges. Since my last visit, handholds have been installed in the face of some of the (steeper) ridges.

While this technically defaces the natural ridge surface, in the interest of safety it is probably a good idea. Still, free-climbing is the most fun!


The mossier parts beyond the seventh ridge.

The rambutan man.

The cempedak tree.

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