Friday, September 07, 2012

Pyramid in a Plate

For Dr Evelyn and Vanessa.

What do you see?

Most everyone will see a plate of thosai with the usual condiments/dips: chutney and dhall.

But imagine for a moment that you are in Egypt, and the thosai is a pyramid. That's the white skin of a tent with support beams on the left, the vast golden sands of the desert on the right, and the orange evening sky in the centre. High up in the sky—if your imagination permits—lies a cloud and a semicircle moon, descending as night descends upon da

At least, that's what I saw this morning.

Thanks for breakfast, Dr Evelyn.

* * *

On a separate note, I like how the light fell on my sister's polar bear and monkey.


Vanessa said...

I saw the sun before reading about it! Desert sand is very evocatively knobby and pebbly. And the tent poles could very well be two figures on their backs, hands behind heads and counting constellations.

The whole thing could actually pass as a frieze or mosaic in a mosque, or something.

SimianD said...

I like your figures counting constellations. Definitely better than tent poles.

Also, the black specks of spices in the gravy could be birds!