Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A little bit of this year's ISKL Forensics

We were the last name on the first Rafidah Aziz shield.

And thanks to this year's team, we are also the first on the new one:

Indeed I was thrilled to win the shield as a participant last year, and again as a coach/judge this year. The VI is also now the only school to have won the shield in consecutive years.

Kishan returned to judge (he, Miss Shanti and I judged Original Oratory finals) and Fang Hai made history this year by being the first ever Victorian to enter three Finals in the same tournament. He went through to the Finals for Extemporaneous Speaking, Imromptu Speaking and Oral Interpretation.

In contrast, the previous most illustrious speaker from the VI (guess who) never made it to more than one Final in any given year.

Our actors, on the other hand, have had much more success in the Finals, with a good number making it to both Solo and Duet Acting Finals (and also winning medals) in some years. Gustave was in both Finals last year and this year.

One of the best things about judging was that I finally had my revenge on the exorbitant prices charged by the ISKl's canteen; judges are served an incredible array of excellent food (for free!) in the Tournament Headquarters, and the canteen staff wheel in new dishes at regular intervals!

(I'm not quite sure who the man is, but he could be Robert Carrelli, who once taught Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacey.)

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Ling said...


Remind me to kill you the next time I see you...for tempting me with the food at the judges' room over...and over....and over...again...and again....!!!! [grrr]

Twas' fun timing for OO finals, and seeing judges that I ALL knew! (Yes, I knew the ELC and HKIS judge as well) ...and no, I have no preference of boxers or briefs... :D

It's Robert Carrelli, he's decided to retire to Malaysia after teaching drama in Taipei American School.

Ta~ Happy Chinese New Year! :D