Thursday, March 01, 2007

First and Last

The first King and Queen of Narnia are a horse-and-carriage cabby and his wife, none of whom believe they are anything near royal material;

"My children," said Aslan, fixing his eyes on both of them, "you are to be the first King and Queen of Narnia."

The Cabby opened his mouth in astonishment, and his wife turned very red.

But the Great Lion Aslan builds the Cabby up by giving him a set of charges, to each of which he responds well; the last of the charges is this:

"And if enemies came against the land (for enemies will arise) and there was war, would you be the first in the charge and the last in the retreat?"

"Well, sir," said the Cabby very slowly, "a chap don't exactly know till he's been tried. I dare say I might turn out ever such a soft 'un. Never did no fighting except with my fists. I'd try--that is, I 'ope I'd try--to do my bit."

"Then," said Aslan, "you will have done all that a King should do. Your coronation will be held presently..."

Two days to the 104th Annual Sports Day of the VI.

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