Sunday, May 18, 2008

Double Twenty-Firsts

To make things a little different for my birthday this time around, I suggested that Ben and I exchange places in blogging. I was to blog from his point-of-view in his style, while he would blog from my point-of-view in my style. His first reaction to that was a most contorted face with the longest "Whaat?" I think he's ever said!

Unfortunately, if you read my entry here, I wasn't really Ben in all the ways that Ben is Ben. Am I confusing you yet? Yes Dot is known to confuse people. Dot is me. Nevermind.

I ended up writing from his point-of-view, but doing it mostly in my style of writing. So Ben said he'd do the same: write from my point-of-view, but in his style.

Let the post begin! (hahahahaha... am I in the mood for Olympics too early?)

* * * * *

So yes, as 'Ben' wrote, it was the third time we celebrated my birthday. This whole blog idea reminds me of Steven Curtis Chapman's 'Your Side of the World' (from the album All About Love) which Ben once lent me.

How does it look from your side
How does it look from where you are
How does it look from your side
From your side of the world

(Shouldn't there be a question mark at the end? But since the lyrics booklet has no question mark, who am I to add to the work of such a genius?)

And then the whole thing about him walking to my house (once again) from the LRT Station. Reminds me of another song, 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' by the Proclaimers, which SCC covered. A really fun song.

But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your door

Thank God, Ben did NOT fall down at my door!

So he gave me the gifts he'd prepared, as well as Joanna's crystal ball snowman. Only now do I realise we forgot to take a picture of the presents (something we've been doing the last two years).

I really liked the card/portfolio he made. It was a series of dandelion close-ups he made, with reflections on us based on the particular aspects of dandelions portrayed in each picture. (This is one of the things I can never quite understand about him, how he can draw deep reflections and thoughts from all these simple things.)

Then there was the music. I played him the songs I wrote for Hope KK, and he introduced me to U2's 'All I Want Is You'. It's been a long time since I touched my piano at home!

And then there was lunch.

Ben with chopsticks and a Western dish. So typical of him. (Just to assure all of you, he did not eat the entire dish with the chopsticks!)

Dot and the prawns. It was quite hilarious how the second prawn came out of the bowl with the first because I'd somehow put my chopsticks through the curve of its tail abdomen.

Today is Sunday, 18 May 2008. Ben and I celebrate 21 months today!

Ben says it's what we keep now that determines how much we have in the future. No it's not some kind of selfish, 'I want everything' lifestyle, cos he was referring to photographs. ;-)

It's like how one of the greatest challenges is to stick with your friends through the years; to aim first for ten years, then twenty... and then I suppose after that it's hard to fall apart.

We've known each other three years, been together in the 'slightly more than friend' way nearly two. There are so many more to go! I wonder, will we one day be able to sing SCC's 'I Will Be Here'?

Just as sure as seasons were made for change
Our lifetimes were made for these years
So I, I will be here

Life, truly, is made of sweet stuff... and the sweetness of life is meant to be shared with the ones sweetest in our hearts! =)

Happy 21st month-eversary, mi amor! And thanks for celebrating my 21st with me!


dandepop said...

Aww! 'Ben' is touched by Ben's entry on Dot's 21st birthday. Although it was pretty uneventful, it was nice. As always, you write well =) Bravo! I see you included the use of Spanish in the end, the ONE striked-out word, some Dot-ly injected enthusiasm. Good impersonation. You've always been very good in this =) But of course, just like how I retained my style of writing even when writing as 'Ben', you have as well =) But I love it still =D

Siedne said...

aww sho shweet! :D

Anonymous said...

yes, thats very sweet. and hey, a very original idea as well!

Suit Lin said...

hehe I think this post is very Ben in many ways, but it is not long winded! Which always is a good thing. :P

This is as sweet as the Chocolate Indulgance cake both of you had. :P

timc said...