Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Return to Ulu Gombak

This time, without any lecturers. 1-2 February, 2009.

Thary Gazi.

Passive sweep-netting.

It was a trip in which I can best summarise the experience as this: "They had all things in common." From Khar Yi's CNY food supply to equipment procured by Rydza and some extra food from Lukmann, truly it was all sufficient for us.

Also, I developed the concept of the 'living bottle'. In entomological studies, we use 'killing bottles' (lined with Plaster of Paris impregnated with a toxic substance like chloroform) to, well, kill insects. But I brought home all my specimens (and some of the others' too, like Lukmann's stick insect above) in containers filled with soil and plants, so as to keep them alive.

I miss you too.

Beetles are Thary's favourite insect. I enjoyed following this one around, experimenting with leaf-obstructed flash, which produced the shade gradients in this picture.

It was also a time of rediscovering my interest in spiders. I've been quite keen on large, rare mammals like elephants, proboscis monkeys and whales of late, but I think spiders are something I really wouldn't mind studying in time to come.

This Wednesday, Thary heads off to Antarctica. I hope he will enjoy himself. I hope I will enjoy myself too, in some way I cannot begin to imagine.

I truly pray that it is God who guides the paths we choose and follow.

The journey continues.

* * * * *

p.s. Amir has an incredible ability to spot fallen insects. This was especially evident during our stick insect hunt.

p.p.s. It was fun stalking the stalk-eyed fly up at the 19th mile!

(Edited 4.06 a.m., 4 March 2009)

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Kaun said...

i especially love that beetle shot. and the dandelion shot is very meaningful.