Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some seasons are worse than others...

What are the odds?

* * * * *

First, Sei Ku Poh on the eve of the Chinese New Year Reunion Day.

Then, Markus last week.

Just heard about Troy from Ai-Ling within the last two hours.

And now, just in, Vincent's grandmother.

* * * * *

Sei Ku Poh was the last of her siblings after Kung Kung passed away in 2007.

I wasn't close to Markus, but Tee Ming was, and through many writings his life indirectly met with mine.

Troy was a fellow Extemporaneous Speaking finalist in 2006, the year for the VI. Ai-Ling was our 'escort'.

Vincent is one of two Student Council Representative for the Faculty of Economics and Administration; he had to rush back yesterday as his grandmother was terribly ill.

* * * * *

My fourth grandaunt died apparently due to choking on a piece of ondeh-ondeh.

The young Christian thinker and leader simply did not awake from his sleep.

An early-morning automobile accident took the life of the promising brilliant young man en route to meeting his girlfriend.

And that oldest of foes, disease.

* * * * *

What are the odds?

Ben, "What kind of season is this?"

Ai-Ling, "An extreme bad season."

Donne wrote, "Every man's death diminishes me."

Lord, have mercy.

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