Sunday, January 17, 2010

Excuses for Lazy Sundays and Sleepy Mondays

I wrote these a week ago.

'Sound design' and 'Randomization' were inspired by Prof Susan's Quantitative Ecology lecture, while 'Bathroom shorts' was inspired by a trip to the toilet after the Monday morning run.

'Not every hero' was supposed to be a serious and inspiring poem. Oh well.

Those familiar with Roger McGough's poetry will notice the obvious (and shameless) resemblance.

* * *

Floorless execution

I thought I'd have a lot of fun
Jumping one level down.
But then I fell from three to one.
It was a floorless execution.

Sound design

As I was saying -- hey you, stop talking!
(I can hear you from the front.)
Listen carefully, this is an important experiment;
As I was saying, I want a sound design.



Bathroom shorts

A poet in the toilet is naked
Without a set of bathroom shorts.

Not every hero

Not every hero wears a cape;
It gets in the way of a swift escape.

The fleet-footed are weighed down
By heavy boots which rarely match
The usual gaudy suits, with patch
Of blue on red, or green on brown.
So do get rid of all these things.

You clown, no outside underpants!
(It makes a damsel runt and rant.)

Oh.. my hero. You're not wearing anything
Well, we're ready so let's fly
Now take me higher than the sky.


this girl said...

Roger McGough, you mean.

SimianD said...

Ah yes, McGough. No wonder something felt amiss.

Must've been thinking too much of our friend Ghauth. Ish.