Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brickfields with Mensa

So it was that Mensa Malaysia decided to conduct a photo shoot to document Brickfields as it is, before the transformation plan revamps the area beyond recognition.

It was on the morning of Sunday, 18 July, that Poh Wah convened a small but enthusiastic group of shutterbugs (and morning lepak-ers for the job, including newly-elected Chairman, Azrai, and long-serving R&R Makan group leader, C.T. Yong.

We were divided into two groups, to cover different roads in the area.


Pigeons, Scott Road.

'Rapha' means 'healing'.

Azrai ponders the inexorable advance of development.

Sunday market.

The future.

Bicycle and posters, market wall.

The Indian presence in Brickfields is clearly seen in the flower garlands hung before the statue of St Mary, at the Our Lady Fatima Church.

My group: Azrai, Vin Li and Su-Min.

(Ah, how small the world!)

The bird trader.

What's in the pipeline for you, O Brickfields?

Banana leaves and building.

(Also, when the building comes, the banana leaves. Get it?)

Goal post through broken grille.

Walking past Johor, Brickfields.

* * *

All pictures shot on Kodak Tri-X 400.

Nikon N80 with 50mm f/1.8 lens and 80B filter. (The filter wasn't used for any particular effect; I was lazy to swap filters so I left it on.)

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this girl said...

Ah, an eats shoots and leaves moment. ;)

"Goal post through broken grille" Lol, how...observant. :P