Thursday, July 22, 2010


17 July was, for all the logistical nightmares that came with it, arguably a great success.

Since 'The Lord of the Rings' in December 2008, when I coordinated (with a lot of help from Shannon and Ai Wei) a group of 80+ students from some 13 campuses across Malaysia, it was always my desire to return to an MPO performance with more than 100 students in tow.

At a final count of 171 attendees (due to a rare technical error on my part; it was supposed to be 172) from across 16 campuses, I got more than what I bargained for. And at a performance of Mahler's 3rd Symphony, no less; I actually think we might have rivalled the size of the orchestra (plus choirs!) onstage!

So here's a big thank you to those who made it, and who brought friends!

In chronological order;

George, who did not join us for the concert, but helped me organise the tickets over a hurried 'dinner'.

"This one, even the machine cannot do!" he said.

Chian Ming and the UPM contingent.

Joan, with sister Grace and friend Jothi.

Evans, Yinka, Taofeekat and Francis.


Leanne and the Monash contingent.

Joshua and the Law contingent; Lydia and her UKM friend Su-Jian's group.

Amos, Jee Haw, Remy and girlfriend.


Annabelle and the Calvary contingent; Sabrina and the massive crowd from 4th College.

The VI Scrabble Team of 2001-2004.

Ruth, with sister Alicia and friend James.

Shannon and his army, as usual. ;-)

* * *

Speaking of milestones, I think the move was quite an experience for our dear George.

Since 2002, at the age of 6 months, he had only known one home; one garden (even as it underwent changes over the years) and one corner of the world. This was his biggest move since we bought him from the breeder then.

* * *

Christina introduced me to Animoto, and now I'm hooked!

Made this promotional trailer for the PKV Convo 2010:

This test run for SUSI:

And this snippet of last December's Taiping trip:

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