Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cartier-Bresson: l'Amitié, l'Amour existent

Dans un monde qui s' écroule sous le poids de la reutabilité, envahi par les sirènes ravageuses de la Techno-science, la voracité du pouvoir, par la mondialisation--nouvel esclavage--au delà detout celà, l'Amitié, l'Amour existent.

(In a world that is buckling under the weight of profit-making, that is overrun by the destructive sirens of Techno-science and the power-hunger of globalization--that new brand of slavery--beyond all that, Friendship exists, Love exists.)

~ Henri Cartier-Bresson, 15 May 1998

* * *

I find this quote to be so true.

The words were uttered more or less a decade before social media as we know it took the world by storm. Now many know my stand towards social media platforms like Facebook, but in all honesty (and if I daresay, biaslessness) I'm inclined to agree with Cartier-Bresson that our 'connectedness' is not far from another form of slavery.

And I say this because although Friendship and Love exist even within the 'matrix', they require a source from without the 'matrix'. Friendship and Love within our globalised, techno-ised lives exist only insofar as they penetrate from a reality far greater than any man-made platform can fathom.

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