Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Movements

[G]o out and photograph light. I spent a lot of time doing that years ago, but even today, I will see some interesting light and photograph it just to see what it looks like when photographed. This means literally looking for interesting light to photograph, not subjects. Try going out for an afternoon and just photographing light. You may never feel any of the resulting shots are worthy of printing out and putting on the wall, but I guarantee you will learn a lot about seeing light.

-- Rob Sheppard, Outdoor Photographer article here.

And when I saw the subtle light from the waning sun yesterday evening, I immediately thought of this article which I'd read a few hours before.

For the first time--I don't know why I'd never quite noticed it before--I realised that, while the sun sets, the evening light actually climbs up vertical surfaces. As the sun peeked through the kitchen door, it first illuminated the worktop, working up the wall to the hanging pots and pans, to the cabinets above, before disappearing for the day.

First Movement.

Second Movement.

Third Movement.

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