Friday, January 13, 2012

Ruined and Bleeding

Chinese New Year in red and yellow.

* * *

So we found this abandoned corner house in Section 17, near UM's International House.

The following is a treatment of some of the scenes in the house, edited to the theme of 'rust red'—red, not full-bodied and bursting with life, but the red of decay and decomposition.

From dust you came, and to dust you shall return.

The rafters have fallen in.

Remnants of Golgotha, Tree of Life and Death.

In and out of old messes.

Warped wooden doorways.

Hanging by a nail.

This, to me, resembled a to-do note, scribbled on paper and pinned on a board or wall—as if something that was to be done, was not. Life in progress, suddenly and irrevocably halted.

The Phantom and his cloak, carved into the wall.

The Throne Room.

Water, power and mottled plaster.

The ubiquitous half-filled drink plastic bag: what started out as a joke in the ET on Merdeka Day, 2009, seems to be taking on a much more serious turn. These things really are everywhere—and always half-drunk!

Kisses blown, love flown.

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onegodonemaster said...

Stunning photos!