Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to Broga

I last climbed this hill in Semenyih nearly three years ago, and blogged about that experience here. That was an evening climb, and the sun was setting fast—we barely made it out before sundown.

Two days ago, on Wednesday morning, I returned to Broga, this time with Leanne and Stephanie. Leanne wanted to go for a hike, and she figured Broga would offer better views than the forest behind her house. So, with barely three hours of proper sleep (and the remnants of a suspiciously named cocktail), we were up by 5.30 in an attempt to catch the sunrise. Apparently a horde of other hikers had the same idea!

One wrong turn near the entrance to the oil palm estate, we nevertheless made it before the sun was up, arriving and beginning our ascent by around 6.15 or so. It was a very pleasant morning.

* * *

Dawn: haze and mist, 7.23 a.m.

Steph and Leanne, 7.34 a.m.

O sole mio, 7.58 a.m.

Respite, 8.05 a.m.

Onwards, 8.05 a.m.

View from beyond the second peak, 8.08 a.m.

Rocks, 8.10 a.m.

The world above below the world below, 8.15 a.m.

Morning on oil palm, grass and lalang, 8.26 a.m.

Top of the world, 8.37 a.m.

* * *


The best time for photographing warm colours (at least at this time of the year) is during the 8.00-8.30 window. Light is very poor before 7.30, and from 7.30-8.00 there is just enough light for pastel-y portraits, but foreground detail is a bit difficult to manage.

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