Sunday, June 07, 2009

Broga Sufficiency

It dawned on me along the way up Broga Hill, last Wednesday with Tim, Adelene, Jia Hui, Pui Yee, Fitrah, Zilah and Bee San, that photography isn't about capturing what we can appreciate with our eyes. It is about accentuating, exaggerating and exalting the ordinary.

That is why photographs never capture magnificence in the same way we experience it with our five senses. Photographs are expressions of emotion, not replicas of reality.

It was a steep climb through heath forest with ravines lining the path. Well worth it in spite of the fact that we had to park in, and make our way through, the oil palm plantation surrounding the hill.

(Note to the uninitiated: oil palm and nature appreciation DO NOT mix.)

Tree in spotlight.

Backlit stunt.

Tim landed on a metal beam that was mysteriously discarded on the hilltop. Thankfully, he did not suffer any major injuries.

On one of the peaks of Broga Hill (well, a hill in the Broga area to be precise). Great view.

The others were on the lower peak, which can be seen in the midground.

The soft blue sky and warm evening light screamed 'jump shot'!

And another.

And yet another.

Tim's masterpiece. Nice juxtaposition of the vegetation and the view!

We stopped over at the nearby Petronas for solat and drinks.

There's grace enough for everything.

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