Thursday, June 11, 2009

Return to Sungai Pisang

So I returned to Sungai Pisang, or rather, the tributary at the 12th Mile along Jalan Gombak Lama. This time it was with the BF Classmates, on 31 May. Pentecost.

By the bank after the first crossing. This is where the group was lost for nearly an hour last December. Oddly enough, the BF Classmates got lost on the way back.

A new thorny plant has grown in quite a number of places by the river bank. I think it is safest to say that the correct path is where the thorny plant is not.


Valerie and Phak Hoe. Some branches were placed in the mud to act as walkways.

The enlightened one.

These nails protrude out of the bark like mushrooms.

The main falls became a children's playground, with a colossal mass of kids thronging the place. Further up, a group from the International Islamic University Malaysia in Gombak had set up a barbecue party. So we hiked a little beyond them and found this very welcoming enclave with two water 'slides' and some two or three small pools.

Well, at first it wasn't so welcoming. We crossed the rapid slide in order to hike further and see if there was another waterfall nearby, and in doing so Yen Ching lost both her handphones. One of them was 50 per cent resuscitated using the hair dryer in Phon's house, but the other was certified dead almost on the spot.

Tsu Wern and Valerie, with Si Toh, Justina, Yen Ching and Phak Hoe's magnificent torso in the background.

The water was cold, but oh so refreshing!

Valerie slides. It wasn't a fully smooth slide, what with the rocks below, but it was certainly exhilarating!

Tsu Wern lost two slippers along the way. Her left slipper broke along a steep-ish part of the track on the way back, after the main waterfall. Si Toh lent her a pair of slippers, the right one of which was carried away by the water flowing through the tunnel. It just had to happen at the end of the journey...

What surprised us was that Si Toh seemed prepared even for such a mishap. She brought a pair of shoes on top of the spare pair of slippers and the pair she was wearing at first!

The following were shot on Valerie's camera.

This was taken from the pool where some guy was fishing.

A sense of mystery and anticipation.

The log shot! Apparently it was a scary experience, what with Phon standing at the back and shaking the log somewhat.

* * *


Nikon FM10
50mm f/1.8 lens
Fujicolor Reala 100

Minolta Dynax 800 Si
28-90mm lens
Fujichrome Provia 100


wendy low said...

haha ben ... what does " it just had to happen .. " mean ? haha...
LOL .. my look with the slippers is so funny .. :)

SimianD said...

Means that it is ironic that, just when it seemed we were safely at the end of our journey, it happened!

Phon said...

"The enlightened one" it looks more like the monkey God from the gombak falls haha