Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Yen for inspiration

Dear Yen,

This was taken when you were only about a week or two into your life in UM, post Haluansiswa.

Now, you are about to graduate.

Over these years you've been an inspiration and a wellspring of beauty from which my art has, from time to time, drawn.

At that time, I'd just acquired my now-famous SLR, and this is the proof of your enduring appeal: you far from survived the crapshot I certainly was then!

You're still as gorgeous today as ever.



this girl said...

B-E-N what is this picture doing here!!!

timc said...

sees the picture, reads the words, but only comments on the picture. =P

qudwaH_Humaira' said...

she's ur girlfren BEN ?