Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughts after Gadoh

We watched Gadoh yesterday.

(More information here.)

* * *

Chew Kin Wah plays the headmaster, Mr Chua. I haven't seen him on TV since the Kopitiam days.

Watching him cane the students reminded me of the discipline teachers in the VI.

Mr Gana. Mr Shamsul. Ustaz Asri. Ustaz Riduan. Mr Zainuddin. Mr Nik Dzulkefli. Mr Othman. Mr Sandhra.

They, however, whipped us not on the hand but on the backside.

* * *

The theatre teacher, Mr Azman, reminded me of Miss Shanti.

She, like him, took delinquents and made budding thespians out of them.

She took tongue-tied and rattle-nerved boys and conquered debate floors and public speaking podia with them.

I know, for I was one. And as far as I know, she's still going strong at this.

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