Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A little older, a little wiser?

li ling's birthday, originally uploaded by mincaye.

On Sunday night, Li Ling threw a belated birthday party. Those present were: Chun Hong, Jino, Wai Loon, Chiam, Phon, Len Yi, Soo Ee, Li Fah, Ching Yeng, Kian Ti, Melody, Eileen, Li-Shia, Wai Yin, Tsu Wern, Fiona, Pearl, Yin Ching, Phak Hoe, Kiat Yee, Li Ling's cousin and me.

We had steamboat, grilled ham and sausages, and some mashed potato courtesy of Ching Yeng. Interestingly, the largest stomach of the class, Phak Hoe, was late by over an hour!

Oh well, Li Ling was probably one of the few who exhibited some restraint, for amidst confetti and camaraderie, the night was witness to the following:

Jino attempting (albeit unsuccessfully) a drunk look.

Chiam lamenting his lack of height, hence placing his chair on higher ground.

Wai Loon on guitar... Woohooo! (he reprised his famous 'Happy Birthday' performance)

Kian Ti making the Channel V sign with chopsticks, bracketed by his left hand.

Fiona and Chun Hong stepping on each other's toes.

Chiam tucking into sausages, though claiming to be on a diet.

Li-Shia 'urinating' 100 Plus. (she accidentally tipped over a can lying at her feet)

Ching Yeng fiddling with the padlock key, deliberating with much hesitation whether or not to open the gate for Phak Hoe and Kiat Yee.

Chiam and Li-Shia attempting all sorts of intimate poses.

And the highlight of the night... Phak Hoe kissing Jino as a 'thank you' for the Ultraman figurine he, Fiona, Wai Yin and Yin Ching bought.

A very fun night, infused with music from the piano, guitar and voice... but most of all, from the laughter of a bunch of friends having a great time.

I once thought, 'maturity' is the token by which grown-ups sulk longer and play less. So long as we can, play on! We won't be young forever, after all.

Thanks Li Ling!


lishia said...

Those weren't intimate poses with Chiam! We were posing for High Fashion!...HIGH FASHION!!!

SimianD said...

After reading Li-Shia's entry on Li Ling's party, I realise I forgot to mention Fiona and her pink ping-pong ball story.

Believe me, you don't want to hear it either. It's a sure-fire way to waste your time, as it was conceived solely for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Jino's kinda cute... eheh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ben dude, how long have you been courting with ur lady???

Itz been a while since I saw you with her.The last time probably waz at McDonald'z Kl Sentral after the competition where you wore the blazar and she was hugging you.You have got to tell me, ur old friend.