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(I'd originally posted this entry two days ago, but somehow it failed to appear on the blog.)

Honesty becomes me
(There's nothing left to lose)
And the secrets that did run me
(In Your presence are defused)
Pride has no position
(And riches have no worth)
And the fame that once did cover me
(Has been sentenced to this earth)
Has been sentenced to this earth

I've quoted the bridge of dcTalk's 'In the Light' before, but I think it deserves yet another mention.

Considering the state the board is in, we need to be honest and open about anything and everything which affects the board. As Pn Vasantha said, we need to be tactful, but not necessarily polite.

Whatever the case, some intense hammering out needs to be done, and there will be bruises and scars. But if these scars are signs of victory, as Jesus' scars were to Thomas, then hope has indeed risen.

Let us keep praying.

Today, after school, Li-Shia wrote a few quotes on the whiteboard in my class.

"What you get by reaching your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by reaching them."

--Zig Ziglar

"Successful leaders dare to be unpopular when they have to make tough decisions... and they accept that there may be long periods before the rewards of their efforts finally appear."


"Leadership isn't about titles, positions or flowcharts. It's about one life influencing another."

-- Anon.

N.T. Wright, the Bishop of Durham, centred his Easter sermon on John 20:1-18. He described Jesus' commission to Mary in these grand words:

"And who is it that carries this stupendous message, this primal announcement of new creation, this heraldic proclamation of the king of kings and his imminent enthronement? It is Mary from Magdala."

Near the end, he said;

"Again and again this call [to Christian ministry] comes as the voice of Jesus breaks through tears of sorrow, as with Mary; through doubt and distrust, as with Thomas; through previous failure, as with Peter..."

I have never said this to the board before, but since there's no point in keeping secrets and clamming up, I might as well go ahead. There's nothing to lose:

When I was chosen to be the Editor-in-Chief last year, I saw it not merely as an election to position or even responsibility, but to ministry. It was as if I became the pastor, and the editorial board my flock.

God gave me this last chance to make a difference in the school, and our approach to our work has reflected a marked departure from the way things were done in previous years.

And so, the conflict of the previous week comes as a great blow to what has been achieved so far. Indeed, I do not measure achievement merely by how much of the magazine is completed, but by the spirit of the board.

It has been so encouraging to see the board come together as more of a community than merely a committee. And the members' enthusiasm has been an immense source of joy thus far.

A week ago, I reflected on my failures during Lent, and prayed for a new beginning this Easter season. God has chosen to respond in the most dramatic of ways.

I cannot imagine what good might come of this, but if God can turn a tomb into a monument of life, and a cross into the hope of humanity, then maybe some good can come out of this.

Again, I am reminded that although I am the 'shepherd' of this 'flock,' God is its master. This is God's work, and as it was begun by Him, so will He lead it through trials and tribulations, into triumph in his time.

"He who has begun a good work in you, will complete it to the day of Jesus Christ."

--Philippians 1:6

May it be so with the Victorian Editorial Board. Amen.

(p.s. There were encouraging developments yesterday. Thanks especially to Sivin, Soo Tian, Denise, Li-Shia, Ching Yeng, Tee Ming, Phak Hoe and Weng Ken for supporting and praying along with us. Let us continue to wait upon God even as he leads us through this.)

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