Friday, August 03, 2007

Quite a busy morning...

0950 Left Science Faculty after spending some time in the Computer Room after Biostatistics tutorial. Decided to walk since waiting for the bus can take forever. On my way out two buses passed me, but there were no stops nearby. Oh well...

1010 Arrived at Universiti station.

1015 Boarded LRT.

1026 Arrived at Pasar Seni station.

1031 Arrived at Post Office.

1037 Left Post Office.

1049 Arrived at Bank Negara.

1057 Met Raja and got the 'documents'.

1104 Left Bank Negara after calling Kian Ti.

1112 Stopover at CIMB near Masjid Jamek station to withdraw some money for tonight.

1119 Arrived at Masjid Jamek station.

1124 Boarded LRT.

1137 Arrived at Universiti station.

1150 Left Universiti station. Waited for the bus at first, but decided to walk when I discovered I didn't have loose RM1 change for the bus. Definitely didn't want to let RM5 go to waste, and didn't bother getting change from the minimart.

1207 Arrived at Kompleks Perdanasiswa (UM Student Complex) via the scenic field/lake route. Prayer Meeting would only begin at 1230, so I sat at the KPS cafe and called Valerie.

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