Sunday, August 05, 2007

What do I want my life to count for?

Last year (I think; it could've been 2005), TIME magazine ran a front-cover article on diarrhoea, which is reportedly the world's second-largest killer after Malaria. Many die because of dehydration, simply because there's no access to, or knowledge of how to make, a simple rehydration solution.

Just a jug of water, a fistful of sugar and a pinch of salt. Or in more empirical terms, a litre of water, eight tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Sugar is easily absorbed by the small intestine, and this stimulates absorption of the salt. Water follows automatically by osmosis.

In July this year, the world's largest killer made it to the front cover of National Geographic; the Editor was infected by the disease not long ago.

* * * * *

Due to my G6PD-deficiency, I was born resistant to Malaria (the most resistant form of Malaria, Plasmodium Falciparum) and stood risk of brain damage and anaemia. But by God's grace somehow, some of the smartest and most active people I know are G6PD-deficient. And the noisiest guy in my Form Six class has some form of Thalassaemia (another genetic blood disorder).

Someday God will take me. I may die of any cause, but until that day I will make my life a pursuit of that for which my Father fashioned me.

Perhaps I was born to enter jungles and go where few may survive. Let me live long enough to help others live better. And then let me die, and in my death may others live as well.

We bleed the same colour. But above that, we are bought by the One blood.

* * * * *

I have all I need to glorify God.

It's deceptively easy, isn't it? Water, sugar, salt. So why do many die of diarrhoea? Lack of will. No one to bring them those simple ingredients. No knowledge of the cure. Many reasons.

I know I have no excuse when I stand before my Maker.

I'm not particularly athletic, but I'm not unfit either.

I'm no genius, but I'm not stupid either.

I'm not a member of the X-Men, but I was born a mutant too. Well, I was born with a mutated gene, so technically I'm a mutant. Only that the gene makes me resistant to Malaria; no laser beams, magnetic powers, telekinesis. Too bad.

I have pen and paper. I have a camera. And I have an abiding love for nature and creation.

I have just written the very words God will repeat to me when I'm called to account. As in the Parable of the Talents;

"So what have you done with these things?"

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Melody Goh said...

wow. quite a bit to chew on there. but yeah, ur rite. i should think about this too.