Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Journey to the Past: A Place of Healing

For some reason, I like this picture. A lot. SooT really nailed it. And in light of our recent conversation, life is like trying to climb onto a log in the sea: it's easier to fall off than get on.

S: Lately I find my mind wandering to times we spent together.
W: Indeed and why?
S: Once in awhile i think of... the past. And it so happens you are one of the more prominent voices. I remember with acid clarity the day you scolded me about the whole [censored] thing. I remember the oranges... but I forgot if I was eating, or you.
W: I didn't remember the oranges. I remember vaguely your face, the room, the people walking outside.
S: You remember that day also?
W: Yes I remember that day. I remember sharply the discomforting feeling in the pit of my stomach in having to scold you and seem like a rigid religionist because the younger [ones] didn't understand and were following you blindly.
S: But what do you mean they were following me blindly?
W: Well, you might not have realized, but [they] looked up to you a great deal--you, H, S, T... they were all starting to act [in the wrong way] too.

* * * * *

This sign spoke to me with particular eloquence, given the events of the day and the week before. I reproduce my thoughts below verbatim, grammatical errors and all, from the planner in which I wrote them.

Of all the photos I took of that day, I did not take one of the most significant encounter.

The aunty was trying to hail a cab, but couldn't. She asked me how to go about it. I said it was difficult on this side of the road. Told her to cross to the other side and walk to the petrol station. Shouldn't have done that because I said 'petrol station' in English while the rest of the conversation was in Cantonese.

It was she who called to me when me, ST, David & Alex were on the bridge's steps awaiting YC. On our way to the monorail, I met her again. She asked the same thing and I gave the same reply: cross the road.

I may never meet her again; I regret not walking with her. And in doing so I think I failed God's biggest test today--I was too focused on our 'agenda' (i.e. getting into the station etc.) that I didn't think of sparing some time to help her out; I would've immediately done so with a friend.

Jesus allowed interruptions to shape His ministry, from Cana to the woman with the issue of blood, from Zacchaeus to the feeding of the 5000.

When will I learn to do so?

Father, I gave thanks for your grace upon us today. But all my thanks is meaningless because I failed to show simple grace to another in need.

Especially when I realise I might've been the difference between a 'lost' wandering in the drizzle, and getting closer to her destination.

And especially when I realise of all the things she could've benefitted from on such a dreadful afternoon, a companion and conversation might've been the greatest blessing.

Lord, grant that I may never forget this.

* * * * *

(I converted the picture to black and white, increased contrast and cropped it a little.)

Photographers don't see everything. The photographer can do everything but look at himself/herself, and even self-portraits are, at best, educated guesses.

That is why it is good for photographers to have fellow photographer friends. I consider my Mersing portfolio to be the best--certainly the most cohesive--collection of photos I have this year. But they are not complete with the photos SooT took, such as this one of us 'landing' on Pulau Rawa.

In every sense, it is the perfect group picture.

Friends are there to drag you to the edge of reason, to the very brink of trouble... and then hold you back just as you want to jump in.

They meet you in the morning, get you started and bear with you while you warm up.

And then they leave you shortly after lunch to face the storm alone. You wish they'd stay, but then you later realise you would've missed a great deal had they not left.

Thus you drag your other friend who wanted to finish his journey his way. You want something which is too dangerous for both of you; he says no. He wants something that is dangerous for you; you say no.

And he won't do it because there won't be a way to remember it by.

Friends are absurd creatures sometimes.

* * * * *

Found this on Mich's blog. A great poster by WWF!

It says, 'The Future is Man Made'.

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dotdot said...

Excellent entry. Kept me quiet. To give you an idea of how excellent that entry was, remember that dotdot NEVER keeps quiet. Hopefully you'll remember to walk anyone in need. I hope the same for me *hugs* =)