Monday, November 19, 2007

Swan Lake and Quantum Theory

The Swan Lake gang, L-R: Jon Chu, Ivan, Mei Si, Ai Wei and Suit Lin.

I like this book's title (and also the little caption on science books above it)!


Chan said...

Nothing to do with this entry. I just read a very touching entry by someone I don't know. It's not really random clicking yet...aih. Long story. Anyways. Want to share it with you. The guy who wrote it was an ex-lecturer of this college that Gab Cheah went to. Gab Cheah was introduced to me by Weeks long long time ago when I first started my blog. It so happens that the blogger, named Warren, graduated from UM, and has a nephew who blogs as well. That nephew knows Sivin. Haha. =D What a small world. =D That nephew's name is Alwyn.

Go read it. Reminds me of the entry you wrote about your Grandpa's passing. There was one paragraph in Warren's entry that was similar to that of yours. Look through it and you will recognise.

Happy reading =) Brought tears to my eyes because I'm such a sucker for old people stories =')

Jon Chu said...

hohoho! how did you know I'm Jon Chu. I thought you knew me as Jonathan. HAHA. but nevertheless, it was a great time meeting you. :)

Siedne said...

swan lake showed at the mpo??? how come no publicity!!