Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Into 2008 with mamak and junk food

So the new year has begun, and I haven't taken any photos yet. My first shoot is on the 12th this month for the Executive Council of my college's Chinese Festival.

So the new year has come, and I haven't written any essays/stories yet. My first assignment is for the April-May issue of Asian Beacon. Peer pressure? BGR? The perfect holiday? Youth temptations?

* * * * *

Spent the night of New Year's eve with these two. We spent three hours at Sahur's Cafe over e-mee sup, (a very spicy) mee ladna, rice with daging kunyit, SooT's bandung panas and several glasses of juice. We then counted down in one of the deadest places: Dataran Sastera in UM.

And believe me, last night it was DEAD.

Yen would remember the smiling Mat Salleh.


Shutterbug the Third (of the three of us).


silentsoliloquy said...

My leanings towards colour photos dissipate when I see the black and white ones used on your blog. I guess "context" is everything. ;)

timc said...

yo yo...timothy cheng here...

nice pics and more importantly, good thoughts...keep shooting and writing...
by the way are you taking pictures for the pesta ang pau too? you think I could join you? or you know anyone in the committee?