Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Trips, Twenty Photographs

I generally dislike putting up entries with more than five pictures, but there are some reasons I'm doing this:

1. To share a little of my trips last December.
2. To keep an online backup copy of the photos, just in case.
3. To showcase the artwork of some of my friends.

The photos are more or less in chronological order; I didn't bother checking too much. :-P

* * * * *


An alley somewhere in the vicinity of Jonker Walk.

We passed by a shop selling mirrors.

Not much of a photograph, but I was quite fascinated by the horse.

Oh, the copious amounts of background distractions we had to relocate in the making of this shot!

As if anyone would surf the internet here.

At the Geographer Cafe, Jonker Walk.

I was struck by the irony of a Malaysian flag on a Portuguese fort.

Valerie took this picture and christened it 'The Tired Traveller'. And no, I wasn't posing; I was only sitting there.

Entangled roots at the foot of St Paul's Hill, behind the Stadhuys.

* * * * *

Cameron Highlands

Early shafts of light greet the sleepyheads in the dorm.

Our little friend turned out to be quite a companion in our adventures.

Shern Ren strikes... and he scores!

Not the usual group photo.

The hands that give us BOH Tea. A personal favourite (picture) of mine and Li-Shia's.

The product of Joan's 'blunt, naive idea'.

Alaga, one of the plantation workers, at the barbecue pit.

Another of Shern Ren's triumphs. I like the backlighting.

I attempted this shot from an angle similar to that used in a dramatic black-and-white hanging in the hall at the MNS-BOH Centre.

While waiting for Mr Moorthy to send us down.

Probably the most artistic portrait of RELA officers I have yet seen.


peiling said...

i love the second photo the most! creatively genuine =)

goldfish said...

Wow. I agree with you on the RELA officers picture =D It looked like they were posing so naturally! Very nice. Can send in to their pertubuhan. Let them be proud of something hahahaha =D

Christine said...

Love the pics, Ben!
Looks like you had a great trip.

The mirrors against the red wall in Melaka and the group pics in Camerons are my favourites :)