Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last year's last words

I wrote early last December that I would be without my photographs for awhile. However the cause of that was not to be.

The night of Christmas Eve, my parents surprised me with this:

Managing my photographs and jotting down thoughts when there's no paper (or on the rare occasions when I would rather type than write) has never been easier.

Thanks Mum and Dad!

* * * * *

At the Overcomers' Christmas dinner, I had my first feel of Nikon's D40. Marie had acquired a second-hand unit and was busy snapping the night away.

So it happened that sometime after dinner, the children nested themselves in the attic, watching Rush Hour 3. I found Eunice and Marie somewhere at the back of the room, and spotted their tripod. In the spirit of my recent experiments I thought of doing a long exposure, just to show Eunice what the camera-and-tripod combination is capable of doing.

This was the result, here corrected for white balance:

That was probably the highlight of the night, besides getting feedback for the 2nd College photo competition, settling a dispute with Eunice over Christine's camera model, and playing 'Christmas Isn't Christmas' with Uncle Lawrence.

(Note that in my long exposures, both here and in general, I usually allow for just enough light to bring out the features in all the subjects. You may have to adjust the brightness of your monitor screen to view the pictures clearly.)

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