Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sometimes it's slow going
But there's a knowing
That someday, perfect I will be.

Laughing gas on Yen's 23rd.

The Vice Chancellor officiated at the opening of the Cultural Centre's art exhibition, 'Hijau', which runs till 30 July at Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya.

Instead of cutting a ribbon, he splashed some acrylic on canvas.

Dr Sabzali, who recently joined the Cultural Centre, showing the VC around. He is the curator of the exhibition.

In the background is Dr Solehah Ishak, director of the Cultural Centre.

The cross connects these
Fragile, empty shells of variable memory
To the source of great (electrical) power
That the little LEDs may shine.

Jesus Christ connects us
Frail, empty shells of shallow depth
To the source of inexhaustible power
That our little lights may shine for him.

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