Saturday, July 25, 2009

Impromptu: 731

Do or die, we try
To educate that we may love
And not hate.

Fail to breathe, seek release,
Sing, dance, kill yourself
And only tell your confidants.

Much afraid, this grand parade
With lights and sounds--
I trip over and fall into the darkness
Around. Stage fright.

Free to live, I don't believe
Life is that cheap.
Leap of faith, human or wraith
I do not know.

God will show the way to go
Through the shifting shadows of the night.
(They say He is not like that.)

Screech of owl, cry of bat,
Hyena cackle, human howl, this or that.

Around the cave, only a cat
But the monsters have left.
Right or wrong, right a wrong,
Ours is the cross and the narrow way.

Sharpen your arrow, don't get lost,
Keep silence till the break of day;
Be still, my soul, within me.

Lever and trough, phantoms of you,
One blow unto the vestal's chest;
Fever and cough, symptoms of flu,
Two flew over the bulbul's nest.

Enough, now, get some rest.

* * *

On another note, so much for Wikipedia's credibility.

I am so going to read the article with two heaped tablespoons of salt.


Foreign Stranger said...

Nice rhythm. Only can get a few of the references though. What mysteries are hidden in here?

SimianD said...

Even more cryptic than Yen's latest?


silentsoliloquy said...

Ben, you can't let the temporary vandalism of some idiot on a Wikipedia page lead you to believe the rest of the article is also vandalised.

The right thing to do, though inconvenient, is to check the history and revert the page back to before the vandalism. Then you'll have the information you desire.

Vandalism is just a hazard of Web 2.0. But it does not, in itself, change the fact that Wikipedia is a trove of useful information.