Friday, July 31, 2009

Political roller-coaster

What's with politics in Malaysia?

The Economist's take on Anwar Ibrahim, 'Malaysia's Chameleon':

I think we're in for a ridiculous Saturday tomorrow.

Lim Kit Siang is calling for Datuk Liow Tiong Lai's resignation as Health Minister for apparent failure to contain the H1N1 situation in Malaysia. However, there have been only 4 deaths following 1,302 confirmed cases, all of which were partly caused by other complications like diabetes.

At any rate, if Kit Siang is really interested in containing the virus, he should vehemently call for the cancellation of the anti-ISA rally planned for tomorrow afternoon. Large crowds are great opportunities for the spread of viruses.

I'm no Government butt-kisser, but it seems we have an Opposition with double standards, no?

Anyway, I'm supposed to accompany this professor on a guided tour of Rimba Ilmu, UM's Botanic Garden tomorrow.

Also, it's the VI's Speech (prize-giving) Day tomorrow.

Looks like I'll be putting my life and time to better use than some of these idiots who just want publicity.

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Anonymous said...

i dont believe in both of them, but bn has definitely done terribly these years. corruption... corruption... corruption... yet macc did not improve. not just pakatan, but bn too practise double standards. i love our politics. its an entertainment! better than any of those korean or hong kong drama.

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