Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Carpet

Cartier-Bresson was famous for popularising the concept of the 'decisive moment' in photography.

Victor Chin suggests that, for a scene, there may be more than one 'decisive moment'.

Today, in trying to save film, I missed two moments which, in retrospect, would have made excellent shots. Such is photography, that the digital shooter is insatiable and the film shooter often too cautious.

* * *

They will forever remain mental images, and maybe there is still power there.

The way he apologised for not being able to stay for lunch, and the way they parted with that mock-European cheek kiss.

The way the two of them, old friends, walked down the corridor looking like twins, little girls again with so much of the world to see.

* * *

I think it's a concept.

Maybe 36 exposures is really for 12 scenes. Three perspectives to a scene.

Approach 35mm with a medium-format mind.

* * *

This is the last lap.

Do it well, Ben, for you will not pass this way again.

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