Thursday, November 12, 2009


It is Thursday.

That long day when you know the weekend is at hand, but the week is not quite over yet. It doesn't help when you've two papers tomorrow and it's the second one you're dreading (hence longer wait).

It is also Thursday in another sense.

The 'Thursday' part of the exam season, when half of it is just about behind you, and the journey should get easier from this point on; but sometimes you're just so drained that you don't even have the strength to look forward to the end.

Oh well. Next week will be eventful.


* * *

In a dream just now, my parents said they read my blog now and then.

* * *

On a very happy note, college dinners don't get better than this evening's.

Fried chicken
Fried kunyit fish (the big kind, of which you only get a cross section)
Pumpkin and ikan bilis stew
Cucur tepung


ζž—εΊ„η”Ÿ said...

Hi Benjamin,

Long time no see already. Are you in final year now? I supposed to.

After reading your post, just a Japanese word: GAMBATEH!!!

Take care over there, don't let the stress of exams overwhelm you.

Keep in good strength. Hope to see you some time in the future.

By the way, I'm now studying for education diploma in Johor Bahru. About to become teacher soon.

Feel free to drop by my blog. Would love to connect with you in cyberspace.


wendy low said...


laushu here.. i thought this might interest you.

see you soon. i hope ... haha