Sunday, April 18, 2010

Junction in Amber

I had a date with destiny
Carved into its side,
Cemented in my mutiny
Against the roaring tide.

As one untimely born
In a wet birth on dry land,
I cried on the coast that greets the morn
And spilt my blood upon the sand.

Light pours through dusty windows
With fingerprints upon the glass;
I branch and shoot into the earth below,
My roots reach to the stars.

Coffee and dust, yesterday's grease
Prevents us from our hearts' desire
Which pines for swift release
From time's ravaging, consuming fire.

Hold out a candle in the dark
Over the ground stained pink
Where the fallen fruit has left its mark
Without a sound or missing link.

La Mar, the Lady of the Sea
Sends postcards of neologisms to me;
In her eyes I saw how I would die
But not how I should live.

(Written on the morning of 14 April.)

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siedne said...

Written on my birthday! Oh and nice header artwork ;)