Saturday, April 24, 2010

MAK 2010

The college awards cum 'prom' night, a.k.a. Malam Anugerah Kurshiah (MAK) is that time of the year when...

You flaunt your assets.

You get to dress up and pose like the mafia.

You let out the wild animal within.

You get to rub shoulders with the who's who of college.

It's also a time when...

Girls let their hair loose.

You see people you otherwise rarely see in college.

Kinda hard to believe it's been three years, what with our rare encounters in college itself.

You meet old friends.

Biggest surprise of the year: Daphne's now staying in 3rd!

You see the unspeakably gorgeous side of your otherwise 'normal' friends, like the absolutely stunning Elensha!

You reconnect with the past.

I can still remember bumping into Zul in the toilet on so many occasions; he and that famous yellow towel of his.

I also remember the day Aminas accosted me while I was on the way to the faculty, asking why I didn't want to take up the Pembantu Mahasiswa (orientation facilitator) offer.

Above all, it's a time when you remember the people who have helped you make it through the years...

Like the 'bananas'.

And the ecologists.

This year we have all but two (Thary and Hen) gathered under the roof of 3rd College.

* * *

Many thanks to those who helped take the pictures, especially people like Elen, Alan, Louise, Amos, Bei Shan, June and Andrew; it is rare that I appear in so many photographs on my camera.


siedne said...

Nice baju melayu!

hwei said...

that's my best friend, stef, in the black and white picture. hee.