Monday, May 17, 2010

Cameron Highlands 2010

The Ecotourism field trip to Cameron Highlands (19-21 March) would be our last as a whole class.

It happened during a busy time, in the midst of the last few laps of thesis work, as well as preparations for An Easter Thingy. And yet, it was a good retreat of sorts, with ample time to breathe and explore the highlands.

This horrible abomination stood across the road from our apartment. It drew sharp criticism from a German tourist I interviewed.

Taxis and their drivers wait at the bus terminal in Tanah Rata.

Exposed slope at risk of erosion.


The tea fields at the Bharat Tea House, en route from Tanah Rata to Ringlet.

Left to right: Azlan, Thary, Yani, Bob, Johanna (of Sweden, whom we met at Tanah Rata) and Khar Yi.

On our first field trip (to Ulu Gombak for Insect Biology) Thary spotted a giant millipede, and this time we came across a millipede also.

Trigona bees at the entrance of their next, Highland Bee Farm near the Boh Tea Estate.

Lakeview chalets, where Camp Cameron is happening right now.

Pigeons and boys, early Sunday morning.

The contact print, done by Eric.

* * *

All pictures shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 black-and-white film, the legendary emulsion used by photojournalists past, and one of the most pleasant to shoot.

Ever since Eric started supplying it at RM11.50 a roll, it's been virtually a fixture in my camera.

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My favourite is the shot with the pigeons :)