Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easter Season

I owe it to a handful of people who made all the difference in my life this Easter season.

Tse Hwei and Shannon.

Ruth Cheng, Eun Chong, Ivy and Jon Tew.

Ruth Vinoth, Hyma, Emily and George.

Alan and Rachael.

* * *

Maundy Thursday was spent with dear friends over a pleasant dinner, and on a journey into a dark wilderness of sorts. (Mirrors the actual Maundy Thursday a little, if you think about it!)

Clockwise from top let: George, Yen, Emily and Alan. At Decanter P.J., Section 17.

View of the sky from the U.M. Field Studies Centre at Gombak.

* * *

Pictures of performers and group by Yen.
Pictures of Maundy Thursday people by George.

Alas, I lost my very precious Faber-Castell TK-Fine Executive 0.7 mm mechanical pencil.

Ahead, it is Pentecost. And I shall celebrate it twice this year.

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