Saturday, May 22, 2010

Goodbye, 3rd!

After three years of living in 3rd College, I finally bade goodbye to what had become my second home and 'base of operations' during my undergraduate years.

But first, a couple of photos from my last ever written exam, which was Plant Diseases on 6 May:

"Sila berhenti menulis."

(Try to spot Chian Ming!)

Shannon, me and Thary. It would have been nice to have had How in the picture, but he didn't take this paper.

Photo by Chun Hen.

* * *

The following pictures were taken the night of the 6th, and morning of the 7th.


It rained heavily that night as Daniel, Alan, and I talked about cameras, lenses and photography. Mich dropped by to collect her photos.


The jambu air tree.


Weird things still exist in 3rd.

E300 corridor.

Window view of the college gardens from my room.

The first words I read when I entered the room (yes, I've been living in the same room since first year) in June 2007.

Sometimes graffiti is so good you just can't erase it.


this girl said...

I like the pokok tanjung picture.

FIFIONA said...

this post is really touching...a good photo posts to summarize your years in UKM. Wish you all the best for your future plans;)

SimianD said...

Yen: I like it too! Of all the pictures I've taken of the pokok tanjung, this may be my best yet.

Fiona: I studied in UM, not UKM. Don't confuse me with Chuchunhong. :-P

FIFIONA said...

oh no, totally typo error...sorry i must have typed too fast and subconsciously i put in UKM...kekeke, ,my mistake;)

Anonymous said...

All the best Ben. A nice blog indeed.. but i was hoping to see the picture of your room since u have stayed in the room for 3 yrs... wondering the difference between 2nd and 3rd college. hehe...


Adrian Benjamin Lim said...

Oh Ben......3rd college, UM....the best years of my life,so far...i'm sure u know heard that many times...lolz

hope to c ya during ur graduation then...i'm planning to go down to UM during convo...

Johnson Lim said...

Speaking about 3rd College UM, it's also my best 3 years so far (although I spent 2 years away from the college). Missed the place with the people I know in it.


curryegg said...

ahhhwww.... now i miss 3rd.. =(
I love the picture where How was standing beside a tall, weird tree.